AcroFuzzy meets AcroChick in Organyà

The AcroChick
Doing acro step by step in Organyà

The AcroChick is a nice, 21 year old lady from Denmark, who started her career as a pilot 11 month ago (sic!) and now makes her first acro manoevers. At the time we made our interview she was responsible for the social media business of Bruce Goldsmith Design and already part of the worldwide acro family. The nice aspect of it: She knows how to put herself in scene – with stylish pictures – and you can follow her doing acro one step after the other. She´s doing these steps very fast, so be aware of not being overtaken! At the moment she does fullstalls, at least 20 per day, which is the base for every manoever.

We had the opportunity to make a short, spontaneous interview with the breathtaking AcroChick at the launch site in Organya in August 2016. Unfortunately the sound quality is rather poor, but it gets better as we come closer to her with our smartphone in this awesome indestructible, water-proof rough case.

Anyway, sound is overrated…